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Golden Dome Travel offers authentic tours to Palestine.

Discover the most diverse region in the Middle East with our tours. We have been organizing trips to the Palestinian Territories since 2017. Each of our trips has its own focus.

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Senna A.

Their first German tour was really well organised, best tour guides in one of the best cities of this world with the best group. I had a unique week thanks to Golden Dome Travel and I'm really thankful they made it possible to visit this holy land. I'd recommend to everyone to gain this kind of experience, you won't regret it!!

Elmas P.

It was a very special trip, beyond our expectations. We have seen a lot in a short time, alhamdulillah. The atmosphere was great, very nice group. May Allah swt bless you and inshaAllah our journey will not remain only with this and we will see each other again in the future! Palestinian people, were very happy to see us. We felt very welcome. We were even invited to a Palestinian family for coffee, was a very special experience. We advise everyone to visit al-Quds with goldendome and to experience these special moments. Wassalam.

Mohamed L.

I would definitely recommend golden dome travel. An unforgettable journey. A beautiful trip from which I personally learned a lot. The programme was clear and there was plenty of free time. The tour guides were clear and certainly funny. That is certainly part of it. In short, a wonderful trip which I will definitely recommend to everyone I know. Golden Dome Travel thanks for everything👌🏻

Sanna Ö

Definitely a recommendation! Last summer I went to Jerusalem with Golden Dome Travel, and it was super arranged.  Soon I will definitely join them again, to relive all the memories in sha Allaah!:)


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